Bopper - hello simple!

Introducing a Simpler Phone Solution.

Every business needs phones. Unfortunately, traditional office systems are complicated and not all that user friendly. We saw a need for a business phone system that only took minutes to install and learn to use, giving you more time to spend on your business. Who has time to learn a complicated phone system anyway? This is where the Bopper steps in. Bopper is a simple, yet powerful, office PBX with all the features of a traditional PBX systems and much, much more.

  • Desktop Managed Switchboard & Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Web interfaces to all functions - Voice mail, Conference Calling, and Call Reporting
  • Remote support Available - No on site techs required to make changes
  • Home Office support - Work from home with an office phone
  • No additional phone wireing needed - uses existing computer wiring
  • Completely customizable to fit any need - Automated menus, IVR, Call Queues, Direct Inbound System Access, Follow-me, Announcements, and much more
  • Detailed and graphical call reporting. Great for billing and auditing
  • Lower phone bills
  • Add and move extensions easily - no PBX change required to move a phone, just plug it into the new location
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